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Our program

What we provide for coding at home.

Coding for Kids


Kids are smart. Research indicates that image based learning is a powerful way to learn. Codemoji uses visual features to keep students engaged so that they can learn effectively and spend more time building cool projects that they can be proud of.

Coding for kids


We know that parents having a million things to manage. Codemoji provides a platform to stay in touch with your child's progress in class, active customer support, and features so that you can learn code with your child proactively both in and out of class.

The Curriculum

The Goal

Codemoji develops a platform that allows students to learn computational thinking with a deep belief that typing proficiency is not required. Students get to prepare for the future when code is made available to them by unlocking new ways to solve problems. This new way of formulating solutions can be expressed across all other subjects they may take interest in.

The Concepts

  • Designing with HTML & CSS
  • Coding with Javascript
  • Breaking down problems into smaller pieces
  • Recognizing important patterns
  • Creating and computing models
  • Automating solutions to problems with algorithms


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